CISS(Continuous ink supply system) and ink factory
2023 Zhuhai RemaxAsia Expo-Office Printing Supplies Exhibition October 20,2023.
2023 Zhuhai RemaxAsia Expo-Office Printing Supplies Exhibition

We are very glad that our company have  successfully participated 2023 Zhuhai RemaxAsia Expo. We had a diverse range of products on display,including dye refill ink bottles,pigment ink,subliation ink,refill cartridge,smart cartridge,CISS(Continuous ink supply system),photo paper etc in fair.With the rapid growth of the printing industry, the importance of high-quality and cost-effective printing consumables has become increasingly apparent.We are delighted to meet so many new friends from different countries.We also have met some of our old customers and got a better face-to-face communication in Zhuhai.

More than 20 years of experience in the printing industry.

Ink and CISS professional manufacturer

Xiamen Colorfly Digital Science Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Daoda Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd

Tel No.:0086-592-5151738
Add:No.9 Huli Park,TongAn Concentrated Industrial Center,Xiamen,Fujian,China

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